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Your partner in pre-dough and sourdough systems | Combined roasting and cooking Remaining bread and residual dough processing


  • Faster processing due to pressure increase
    • significant energy savings
    • longer durability of the thermal oil
    • longer maintenance intervals
  • Automated cleaning
  • Lifting function optimal emptying
    • best possible cleaning
  • 3-point temperature control
    • intelligent storage system
    • simple graphics
    • uncomplicated operation
  • Customer-specific starter advice
    • Recipe development during commissioning
    • 24 month guarantee / 24 hour service
    • Remote diagnosis via WLAN
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Der Teigmacher - where good taste has its origin!

Tasty baking should not be a secret, because modern equipment and uncomplicated operation make it possible to produce high-quality baked goods in no time at all.

We have set ourselves the goal of making simple baking, using natural ingredients, equally accessible to all. In our product portfolio you will find high quality bakery machines for professional bakery needs.

Product relevant substances, e.g. pH value, O2 content and acidity are regulated very precisely with our fermenters and the newly developed controller. Accordingly, we create optimal Conditions for each starter culture.

In addition to automated systems, we also offer a wide range of stand-alone systems under the designations TR, TRK,THK, and TST. The TR version (only roasting) will be added shortly.

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Conception and production of modern equipment for dough production

Der Teigmacher – together with our renowned business partners, we develop and produce efficient bakery equipment for the bakery needs of the future.

The conception of new machines and plants takes place under careful consideration of customer wishes and highest Quality standards. So are plants for remainder bread and Residual dough processing in the future an important focus our product development.

When designing our bakery machines, the ecological aspects are considered.

The satisfaction of our customers has the highest priority. In order to involve you in the manufacturing process right from the start, we offer you a special service. We produce and test your product in our company or visit it in this regard with a demonstration plant in your bakery.

We are happy to support you during the complete development process. Whatever you decide on - we will always provide you with an experienced dough technician.

Together we optimize your dough, roasting & cooking plants as well as your pre-dough & sourdough systems for the assortment of your bakery.

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For technical progress in dough production

Der Teigmacher sets new standards in the development of bakery machines For example, together with our new business partner Strelen Control Systems, we have designed a completely new control technology.

Our newly developed 3-point temperature measurement guarantees repeatable product quality at any time. For example, the intelligent and adaptive control system has self-optimizing temperature control. Another priority was the design of an uncomplicated and user-friendly user interface with a 15 " industrial screen.

Where the control technology from Strelen Control Systems, the production technology implementation by MBComponents as well as the dough technology and system technology of der Teigmacher come together, the ideal symbiosis for the benefit of our customers is created.

Our entire offer is designed to always find the optimal solution for the individual needs of our customers.

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First-class facilities for the best dough

To bake in high quality, from the beginning, should be put on the best ingredients and a good preparation. For example, every sourdough needs starter cultures as a basis. For your bakery, we offer suitable solutions according to your product focus.

Whether you bake mild, sweet, sour, aromatic or salt-reduced - based on our experience with numerous documented baking experiments, we can always recommend the suitable starter culture.

With our tailor-made pre-dough & sourdough systems from our company, you have the technology to optimally prepare your dough creations. We also look for solutions for your residual dough processing and offer tailer-made resulting processing systems tailored to your needs.

Our combined roasting and cooking systems are designed to preserve all roasted aromas. In the development of our pre-dough and sourdough plants, we take into account the dough-technological aspects and construct with the intention of reducing or the total abandonment of baking aids.

We produce true to the motto "with modern machines back to the origin". Our pre-dough systems and other bakery dough machines are designed for a long dough run to produce better-tolerated bread.

Really good dough takes time to mature. He needs phases in which he rests and phases in which he is worked. Only by adhering to these phases, certain sugars in the dough are degraded. This is important so that fiber and starch swell properly, only then the body can process them optimally.

For this reason, we work directly with the regional bakery "der Brotmacher" together, because what makes more sense than to orient themselves directly to the base. Accordingly, we find individual solutions for each customer. Whether roasting & cooking systems, pre-dough & sourdough systems or remaining bread & residual dough processing, with our systems we rely on solutions for the future.