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Your partner in all matters of pre-dough and sourdough systems, combined roasting and cooking, residual bread and residual dough processing

Creativity and Innovation –
are no quarreling siblings with us

The development and creation of new ideas (creativity) is in line with “der dough maker” with the sustainable and effective implementation of these ideas (innovation).

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. The customer decides whether this is cost-effective in production. So what could be more obvious than regularly informing our customers about our ideas and news.

We give you the opportunity to tell us what you would like from “the dough maker”. Do you have suggestions for improvement or are you missing efficient solutions?

There should be no limits to new ideas. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Space for your suggestions


  • Faster processing by increasing the pressure
  • Automated cleaning
  • Lifting function,
    optimal emptying
  • 3-point temperature control
  • Customer-related starter advice
  • Recipe development, commissioning
  • 24 months guarantee, 24 hour service
  • Remote diagnosis via WLAN
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Online presentation
3D software

Make an appointment now

What began as a substitute for personal visits due to the pandemic has proven itself in recent months. For this reason we will permanently include the possibility of TeamViewer sessions in our offer.

Make use of the possibility of a virtual presentation. Both the function and the technical details of our systems can be displayed and explained very realistically using this medium.

The dough maker – where good taste has its origin!

Tasteful baking shouldn’t be a secret, because with modern equipment and uncomplicated operation, high-quality baked goods can be made in no time at all

We have set ourselves the goal of making simple baking using natural ingredients equally accessible to everyone. In our product portfolio you will find high quality bakery machines for professional bakery needs.

Substances relevant to the product, such as pH value, O2 content and degree of acidity, are regulated very precisely with our fermenters and the newly developed control system. Accordingly, we create optimal conditions for every starter culture.

That’s how it all started once –
1st generation TRK 250


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Our products at a glance

Pre-dough sourdough systems


To our<br>
Pre-dough sourdough systems

It all starts with the dough – industrial and stand-alone systems for pre-dough and sourdough production with environmentally friendly and sustainable temperature control technology.

Roasting & Cooking


To our<br>
Roasting &<br>
Cooking systems

Flour, grain and aroma pieces improve the taste profile, keep the freshness and the browning of the crust.

Roasting - cooking - cooling & residual dough


more here

Two products – one process technology. Our systems for combined roasting, cooking and cooling for direct further processing or dough addition.

Options & accessories


To our<br>
Options &<br>

NEW – Options and useful accessories for our pre-dough and roasting / cooking systems. More efficiency through constant development in our test bakery.

Construction of our systems



First step – the search for suitable solutions for your individual requirements. Construct new things – optimize, we pay attention to effective “cost controlling”.

For technical progress in dough processing

The dough maker sets standards in Development of bakery machines . In this regard, together with our new supplier, we focus on process reliability in terms of control technology. Our 3-point temperature measurement guarantees product quality that can be repeated at any time. Particular priority was also given to the design of an uncomplicated and user-friendly user interface, visualized on a 12 “industrial screen.

Where the control technology of our new supplier , the production-related implementation by MBCOMPONENTS , as well as dough technology and system technology from DER TEIGMACHER come together, the ideal symbiosis is created for the benefit of our customers .

Our entire offer is geared towards always finding the optimal solution for the individual requirements of our customers.

First-class systems for the best dough

In order to bake in high quality, you should rely on the best ingredients and good preparation right from the start. For example, everyone needs sourdough Starter cultures as a basis. We offer suitable solutions for your bakery according to your product focus.

Whether you bake mild, sweet, sour, aromatic or low-salt – based on our experience with numerous documented baking attempts, we can always recommend the right starter culture and the right provider.

With the ones tailored to you Pre-dough systems and sourdough systems We have the technology at your disposal to optimally prepare your dough creations. We will also look for solutions with you for your residual dough recycling and offer the resultant suitable processing systems.


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Our combined roasting & cooking systems are designed to preserve all roasted aromas. In the development of our pre-dough and sourdough systems, we take into account the technological aspects of the dough and design with the intention of saving or completely dispensing with baking aids.

We follow the motto “Back to the origin with modern machines”. Our pre-dough systems and other dough machines for the bakery are for one long dough processing designed to produce better digestible bread.

Really good dough takes time to mature. He needs phases in which he is resting and phases in which he is worked on. Certain sugars are only broken down in the dough if these phases are observed. This is important so that fiber and starch swell properly – only then can the body process them optimally.

For this reason we work directly with the regional bakery “Der Brotmacher”, because what makes more sense than to orientate yourself directly to the base. Accordingly, we find individual solutions for each customer. Whether roasting & cooking systems, pre-dough & sourdough systems or residual bread & residual dough processing, you can rely on our systems Solutions for the future.


Do you have any questions about our products? Arrange a call back now! Our team will be in touch as soon as possible with you.

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