NEW – Extensive options for our stand-alone systems

With our passion for technologies and innovations, we provide that special extra on your way to success. With this in mind, our options and accessories are developed in cooperation with the “der-Brotmacher” bakery. What makes more sense than to orientate yourself directly on the basis.

Lift and tilt function

Optimal emptying and cleaning of the inside of the container by lifting the container unit by about 12 °. The built-in linear units are operated electrically and are maintenance-free.

Weighing of all raw materials, including water, with four load cells

Weighing of all raw materials, including water, with four load cells. These are mounted on a weighing frame. If you have booked the lift / tilt function option, the load cells will not function during the tilting phase. If partial removal is desired when the container unit is inclined, the load cells must be installed below the system; a mobile version of the system is not possible under these circumstances.

If no load cells are used, the water is added using a flow measurement with an upstream solenoid valve.

If no load cells are used, the water is added using a flow measurement with an upstream solenoid valve. In this case, the raw materials are weighed, for example using floor scales, before being added. For the systems TRK75, TRK150 and TST50, TST100 we usually recommend a continuous measurement for reasons of cost due to the relatively small amount of raw materials.

Automated cleaning

Cleaning lances integrated on the front, equipped with Lechler rotary spray heads. Controlled by two solenoid valves switched at intervals. Depending on the local conditions, possible with low or high pressure.

Umfangreiches Zubehör für unsere Stand-Alone-Anlagen

Pressure cooking under pressure

This function is based on the “pressure cooker” principle. Flour cooking pieces, for example, with a pressure of about 0.4 bar, compared to before, depending on the amount in about 25 Min. getting produced. Whereby, for example, pieces of malt cooking require the usual cooking time. Whether this option saves both energy and personnel costs in the long term depends on the cookware that is most needed.

Automated venting

The motorized and pressure-monitored ball valve is in the venting cap position for venting. When cleaning, it goes to the container position and the solenoid valve opens. Normally the TRK systems are only equipped with a ventilation cap, which has to be removed for cleaning. If you have booked the print function, the automated venting is included. In the TST systems, the ball valve is used for degassing and is actuated at intervals for venting. The solenoid valve remains closed during this time. The cleaning mode works as with the TRK systems.

Column feeding

We offer column feeders for our stand-alone versions TRK350, TRK550 and TST300 – TST800. These are equipped with 200L trolleys. These can, for example, be filled in your warehouse and transported to your system. Now simply push the trolleys into the loading area and emptying your raw material into the system container. The feeders can also be used in connection with the systems TRK150, TRK250 and TST100, TST200 Version1. To avoid bridging of the product in the trolley, a vibration motor is mounted at the top of the column. This is activated during the tilt phase.

Inspection of the dough machine

Our individual inspections with pallet space are a cost-effective alternative to column loading. Of course, these require a little more floor space than our permanently integrated column feeders. The free space under the inspections offers space for further pallets

In addition to our diverse options, we have also designed useful accessories for our systems

Innovative emptying systems for more efficiency

(Fig.1) Due to the innovation “lifting function”, only about 1 kg of product remains in our systems when emptying, for example, pieces of cooking and grains. This residual product can be collected and recycled with our emptying systems. If there is no drain nearby for cleaning, these systems are also suitable for collecting the cleaning water. With the integrated trolley this can be easily transported to a suitable location and lowered.

Collection containers for storage and drying

(Fig.2) We complete our current range of accessories with our collection containers for grains & seeds or pieces of cooking & grains. The container 50L contains a perforated plate with spacers and ventilation pipes, so that grains and seeds can be dried at the same time as storage.

Kiste Trocknung

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Commercially available platform ladder


Shelf aid for round filling openings

Klappbares Podest

Fold-out platform for TRK versions 2

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