April 2, 2019

Partial automation until emptying variant-A

Variant_A includes our TST850 system with the lifting function option. In order to allow the system to be emptied using the lifting option, a movement syncronisation with the filling unit is necessary. For this reason, an inclined screw conveyor with rotary flange has been integrated in the current case
April 1, 2019

Full automation including emptying and cleaning – variant-B

The Option_B seen on this page was designed specifically for the customer, accordingly an existing cup conveyor is integrated into the design. For reasons of space and due to the existing flour feed, this automation was realized over two floors. Weighin

Automation in plant construction

Of course, the flourfeed is very cumbersome for larger systems by hand. Accordingly, we will be presenting future automation options for our TST650 and TST850 systems. Currently we can introduce you to two variants.

Both versions are tailored to our stand-alone TST850 system. Version A is an automation example, with version B being implemented by a customer in Russia.