NEW - Extensive accessories for our stand-alone systems

The option of an access platform with a pallet space and a Kee safety door is adapted to local conditions according to your specifications.

For standard filling of our stand-alone systems, we recommend commercially available platform ladders.

Thanks to the innovation "lifting function", only about 1 kg of product remains in our systems when emptying, for example, rests of cooking pieces or grains. This residual product can be collected and used with our emptying systems (e.g. 100L / Fig.1). If there is no drain nearby for cleaning, this system can also be used to collect the cleaning water. With the integrated trolley, it can be easily transported to a suitable location and emtyed.

The carriage (Fig. 2) with our 50L collection boxes for grains and seeds - for example sunflower seeds - and the 10L bowls for emptying cooking and grain pieces completes our current range of accessories. The collection box 50L contains a perforated plate with spacers and ventilation pipes, so that in addition to the storage a simultaneous drying of grains & seeds is possible.

Emptying systems

Container 100L / 75L inkl.

  • Sieve basket insert
  • Emptying valve
  • Trolley

Fahrwagen inkl.

  • Box 50L for emptying Grains and seeds (for example Sunflower seeds) incl. aeration strainer for drying
  • Bowl 10L for emptying cooking pieces