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Heizen und Kühlen mit Pillow-Plates

Heizen und Kühlen mit Pillow-Plates

Process-safe heating and cooling with pillow plates

Especially in the field of sourdough containers the exact fermentation control by controlling the temperature is one of the most important factors. To enable a uniformly precise heat or cold transfer and precise temperature regulation, we use a profiled pillow plate as a heating or cooling jacket. Details can be found in the following explanations.
Pillowplate Maße

Ecological and sustainable temperature control technology

Huber P007-H tst100
In our production processes, we rely on high-precision temperature control solutions and precise temperature control "Made in Germany". We have begun with the consistent conversion to ecological and sustainable temperature control technology and offer the temperature control systems used as standard with natural refrigerants. The combination of the new temperature control unit generation and the optimum heat or cold transmission through the Pillow Plate technology used is an unbeatable combination.
With regard to pillow plates, we work with a supplier who is one of the pioneers of this technology. On the cylinder or funnel plate of t = 3mm or t = 4mm, a sheet of t = 1mm is placed. The welding is done by an advanced laser welding technique. An advantage of this welding technique is that there are no deformations due to welding distortion. Thus, the inner wall of the cylinder remains absolutely straight, accordingly, an optimal stripping is guaranteed.
The inflation of the pillows to a height of approx. 3mm - 4mm takes place after the jacket sheets have been rounded at a pressure of approx. 39bar. Consequently, the process reliability is guaranteed even at very high working pressure. In order to ensure optimal flow for the fastest possible heating of our TRK systems for the thermal oil, we decided after a few tests under production conditions for a pillow height of 4mm. If you want to know more about the production or technology, we recommend our production film.