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In terms of usable volume 15% – 20% cheaper than our combined TRK versions!


February 26, 2021

We are known for being quick to implement our customers’ suggestions.
We have responded accordingly to requests for pure aroma / cooking systems and the TK version in the sizes 200Kg and 400Kg usable volume.


  • Our proven heating technology is also used in these designs. This means, as usual, significant time savings and efficient use of energy.
  • The cooking pieces are emptied with pressure instead of pump technology. Because of this, the consistency of the grains is retained. This ensures better water retention and, in this context, a greater dough yield and longer freshness.
  • Flexible and versatile thanks to the following options:
    1. Automated cleaning
    2. Print function (pressure cooking)
    3. Flow measurement water
    4. Automated venting
    5. Load cells

For further questions we are happy to help you.

We generally recommend a TeamViewer appointment. Both the function and the technical details of our systems can be displayed and explained very realistically using this medium.

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