29. September 2019

Südback – Trade fair for the bakery and confectionery trade

The Südback 2019 in Stuttgart is behind us. The personal talks with you
24. April 2019
Heizen und Kühlen mit Pillow-Plates

Heating and cooling with Pillow-Plates

Especially in the field of sourdough containers the exact fermentation control by controlling the temperature is one of the most important factors. To enable a uniformly precise heat or cold transfer and precise temperature regulation, we use a profiled pillow plate as a heating or cooling jacket. Details can be found in the following explanations.
25. March 2019
Verkaufsberater Backereimaschinen

Sales professional looking with experience

Baker experience Business Economist (Not necessary) Ideally, sales experience and contacts in the bakery industry Willingness to travel nationally and abroad Good command of English for negotiations Entrepreneurial thinking, negotiating skills as well persuasion and enthusiasm
27. January 2019
Einstieg Teiganlage TST-100

Entrance system dought plant
TST 100

With the combination of biotechnology and the plant technology for dough and kneading dough properties can be realized, which offer the user a clear plus for taste, consistency and kneading. Thus, the best conditions for an optimal baking result are given. Since we would like to offer you an interestin
27. January 2019
optimales entleeren

Option lifting function for optimal product discharge

The lift function option will be offered in the future for all compact machine versions TST, TRK and TRB. Both the lifting function and the operation of the butterfly valve is possible at the same time thanks to our pivoting control panel. Thus, the regulation of the product flo

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