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März 25, 2019

Lift / lower option for optimal product emptying

The lifting function option will be offered for all compact machine versions TST, TRK and THK in the future. Both the lifting function and the operation of the butterfly valve is possible at the same time thanks to our swiveling control panel. The regulation of the product flow can be regulated very precisely by stepless opening of the butterfly valve and at the same time stepless inclination of the container.

Versatile lifting function

The lifting function enables optimal residual emptying of your product, which can also be used to remove residues after cleaning. This function, in conjunction with our emptying systems (see Accessories ), enables you to work effectively and efficiently.

A symbiosis of good taste:

Our systems & your product-
Wheat sourdough strong fermentation

Decide for yourself how to use the recommended starter cultures. A mild fermentation promotes the pastry volume, a stronger fermentation brings more flavor and aroma. The peculiarity of our starter cultures is that the sourdough is still loose and gas-active even with a bit stronger fermentation. And he actively supports them for a long shelf life of your pastries.