Sourdough systems and pre-dough plants: horizontal and vertical

Der Teigmacher is your expert in the development and production of Sourdough systems and pre-dough plants for bakery needs.

Our bakery machines are optimized for the professional production of these doughs in commercial bakeries. Whether for small bakeries or large companies - we offer you high-performance industrial and stand-alone systems for sour and pre-dough production in horizontal and vertical versions.

The advantage of the horizontal container design is a significantly larger dough surface. Accordingly, a significantly better fermentation and oxygen uptake is achieved, especially in the preparation of pre-dough and sourdough. Our stand-alone systems of the TST100 to TST850 series are therefore becoming offered exclusively as horizontal systems. In conjunction with the intelligent control systems developed by us, a consistently reproducible quality of dough is guaranteed.

Entry-level model: Sourdough &
Pre-dough plant TST 100

As an entry-level model with an attractive price-performance ratio, we offer the simplified sourdough plant TST 100. With this system we dispense with load cells and automated cleaning. The weighing of your baking ingredients in this case is done in advance by hand. The cleaning takes place with the integrated hand cleaning system. A standard podium ladder or a service ascent aluminum stand included. Like all sourdough systems and pre-dough plants from der Teigmacher this machine also has the newly developed 3-point Temperature measurement.

Our production processes stand for quality Made in Germany. We rely on highly accurate temperature solutions and precise temperature control. The consistent conversion to environmentally friendly refrigerants plays an important role here. The temperature control systems of all systems of der Teigmacher are operated as standard with natural refrigerants. Use ecological and sustainable temperature control technology in your bakery.

Hard to access? Then you are right with “der Teigmacher”!

Both our stand-alone systems TRK150 & TRK300 (roasting & cooking) and our pre-dough systems TST100 and TST250, we install with subsequent electrical installation in hard to reach rooms on request at your site. The systems are dismantled in our house after the trial run and delivered in individual parts.

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Development in the production of rye sourdough

Regarding sourdough plants for rye sourdough currently vertical container are commonly used. These Decision is based on the high bonding in the production of rye sourdoughs for example TA160. At the moment, the horizontal variants can lead to discharge and cleaning problems at low TA values.

Our product development is already working on solutions. In the near future, horizontal containers can also be used for "difficult" doughs and the associated advantages, e.g. higher oxygen uptake, are used. Of course we keep you up to date on all new developments. If you have any questions, please contact our dough technologist.

Development and construction TST 650

With the quality and freshness of the products produced in our plants you underline the craftsmanship and original character of your company. Take advantage of the economic benefits by reducing or completely eliminating baking aids.

No matter if you want to process wheat, spelled or rye into a dough - we have the right system for you. We are currently constructing the TST 650 system for you. With this version, we are completing the TST stand-alone series and hope that the right system will be available for you in terms of production capacity.

26. April 2019
Sauerteig Vorteig Maschine tst100

Sourdough plant
TST 100

With the combination of biotechnology and the plant technology for dough and kneading dough properties can be realized, which offer the user a clear plus for taste, consistency and kneading. Thus, the best conditions for an optimal baking result are given. S
25. April 2019

Sourdough plant
TST 250

More flavor, character and taste while saving baking ingredients on all breads, pastries, fine and sweet doughs that contain wheat flour. With our series TST we set new standards. Highest product quality and process reliability through cooling and / or heating. An ideal and gentle dou
26. January 2019
Sauerteig Vorteig Maschine tst450

Sourdough plant
TST 450

Quality has tradition with us. As well as the knowledge of what is important in pre- and sourdough plants. Individually tailored to your needs and products, we offer you high-quality, reliable systems.
1. January 2019
Sauerteig Vorteig- Maschine tst850

Sourdough plant
TST 850

The high-quality design of our horizontal tanks ensures a reliable and high-performance production in compliance with the required hygiene standards. Equipped with an intelligent controller from Strelen Systems, you can obtain reproducible product qualities at any time thanks to a 3-po