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1. January 2019
Sauerteig Vorteig- Maschine tst850

Sourdough plant
TST 850

The high-quality design of our horizontal tanks ensures a reliable and high-performance production in compliance with the required hygiene standards. Equipped with an intelligent controller from Strelen Systems, you can obtain reproducible product qualities at any time thanks to a 3-po
26. January 2019
Sauerteig Vorteig Maschine tst450

Sourdough plant
TST 450

Quality has tradition with us. As well as the knowledge of what is important in pre- and sourdough plants. Individually tailored to your needs and products, we offer you high-quality, reliable systems.
31. March 2019

Roasting and cooking system
TRK 600

There are no limits to the imagination of the aroma cooking piece. Also in this regard, we are happy to make recipes available. As a rule, grains are added, they are immediately pre-swollen and need not be prepared separately.
1. April 2019

Roasting & cooking system
TRK 300

With this series, quality and design are setting new standards. The idea of roasting and cooking in a plant while preserving the full roasting aromas and the significant improvement of the fresh keeping using only natural ingredients can be implemented easily and efficiently.
1. April 2019

Full automation including emptying and cleaning – variant-B

The Option_B seen on this page was designed specifically for the customer, accordingly an existing cup conveyor is integrated into the design. For reasons of space and due to the existing flour feed, this automation was realized over two floors. Weighin
2. April 2019

Partial automation until emptying variant-A

Variant_A includes our TST850 system with the lifting function option. In order to allow the system to be emptied using the lifting option, a movement syncronisation with the filling unit is necessary. For this reason, an inclined screw conveyor with rotary flange has been integrated in the current case
14. April 2019
Teigmaschine Bearbeitung

Roasting & cooking plant
TRK 150

After the beginner model TST 100 has aroused great interest in the production of dough, we now offer a comparable version in the area of roasting and cooking. In our TRK 150, we also attach great importance to an interesting price - performance ratio. For this reason, weighing cells and automated
14. April 2019
Teigmaschine Bearbeitung

TR 50

Our TR 50 plant is based on the TR 25 version. As far as the capacities of our TR plants are concerned, we have oriented ourselves to the standard volume of bagged grain and seed products.
14. April 2019
Teigmaschine Bearbeitung

TR 25

Roasting - Originally "roasting on the grill", it began once. In modern times, roasting means heating plant foods without adding liquid.
25. April 2019

Sourdough plant
TST 250

More flavor, character and taste while saving baking ingredients on all breads, pastries, fine and sweet doughs that contain wheat flour. With our series TST we set new standards. Highest product quality and process reliability through cooling and / or heating. An ideal and gentle dou
26. April 2019
Sauerteig Vorteig Maschine tst100

Sourdough plant
TST 100

With the combination of biotechnology and the plant technology for dough and kneading dough properties can be realized, which offer the user a clear plus for taste, consistency and kneading. Thus, the best conditions for an optimal baking result are given. S

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