Two products – one process technology

The beauty of process engineering is the variety of products and the proximity to the user, in our case to our customers in the bakery trade. The requirements of these customers are our inspiration and flow into the development of our products. The result is, among other things, our TAK systems for combined roasting, cooking and cooling for direct further processing or addition of dough.

Cooking pieces

Roast> Cook> Cool> Further processing

Leftover dough

Cook> Cool> Further processing

Continuous cooking piece processing

We currently offer these systems in the versions TAK300 (about 300 kg / h) and TAK500 (about 500 kg / h). The basis is a horizontal TRK system with the usual heating system. After roasting or cooking, cooling takes place in a vertical cooling container. Then it can either be emptied into a tub trolley or conveyed to a removal station.

The filling is possible manually or with the options vacuum conveying and column loading. The vacuum can be conveyed via an embankment or via a suction pipe.

Suction pipe

  • For taking powder and granules from barrels, funnels and bags.
  • The amount of carrier air can be adjusted via the ball valve to enable an optimal relationship to the product.
  • The inlet of the delivery pipe is equipped with a bent stainless steel wire at the feed point to prevent the risk of eg bags being sucked into the pipe.

We concentrate on our dough technology challenges. For this reason, we work with well-known manufacturers when it comes to vacuum conveying and cooling units piab (vacuum) and Huber (cooling) together as partners.

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Sample system similar to illustration

Malzstück mit Restbrotanteil

The dough maker – systems for processing leftover dough and leftover bread

Leftover bread – This raw material is found in almost every bakery in not inconsiderable quantities and, since it is produced in-house, in the best quality. In shredded form, this raw material has many advantages as a recipe component. In this context, not only the caramelized roast substances contained in the leftover bread should be mentioned, but also the sustainable use of food resources.

Other advantages are plastic doughs for better Machinability and better Freshness through optimized water absorption. Of course, one should also consider the economic advantages of saving on baking agents. We are certainly not telling you anything new in this regard. We develop solutions for the combination of leftover bread and leftover dough processing.


We will set new standards in the future. In cooperation with our partner:

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we are right at the base and look for the optimal solution for you.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

The sense and benefits of processing leftover dough

In the production of baked goods that have been punched out, large amounts of residual dough are usually produced. Here, too, costs and sustainability are an important issue. In this regard, the goal is to use this excess in a clean form and to feed it to the new dough. Unfortunately, this can currently only be achieved in smaller quantities.

Efficient residual dough processing

Thanks to new methods of residual dough processing, significantly larger quantities of residual dough can be returned to production. After the manufacturing process, they are either stored in specially designed chilled containers or in a cold room in containers provided for this purpose. At the moment we are in the test phase with regard to the processing of leftover puff pastry and pizza dough. We will find the optimal solution tailored to your production for you. Any questions ? We are happy to help.

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