TRK series systems for combined roasting and cooking

The roasting and cooking systems of the TRK series are the perfect complement to the professional bakery equipment. In the case of der Teigmacher, systems are manufactured and continuously developed, taking into account the technical aspects of dough technology. Carefully roasted grains and toasted flours are the ideal solution for more flavor in your bread assortment. The combined roasting and cooking in a plant bind volatile oils and are retained for dough preparation. The flour and grain cook pieces resulting increased water binding in doughs leads to a prolonged freshness. With our TRK systems, you can produce both semi- and fully automatic flavoring-, cooking pieces and more.

Hard to access? Then you are right with “der Teigmacher”!

Both our stand-alone systems TRK150 & TRK300 (roasting & cooking) and our pre-dough systems TST100 and TST250, we install with subsequent electrical installation in hard to reach rooms on request at your site. The systems are dismantled in our house after the trial run and delivered in individual parts.

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Roasting and cooking plants with different capacities

Der Teigmacher develops and produces the proven roasting and cooking systems of the TRK series. These systems for bakeries are characterized by high quality and allow roasting and cooking in a special plant while preserving the full roasting aromas. The use of natural ingredients and the extension of the keeping time can be achieved with these machines easy and efficient implementation. We offer these systems as standard for different capacities (TRK150, TRK300, TRK600).

For example, produce sweet-malty aromas in which the amylase enzymes contained in the active baking malts split flour starch into maltose (malt sugar). Such browned, thickened flour cookers you can almost to all bread doughs in order to their aroma. We are happy to provide you with recipes for multigrain bread or other types of bread that work best with our systems. Any questions ? Also with regard to roasting and cooking dough technologist is at your disposal at any time.

New roasting plants in development

In addition to our successful combined roasting and cooking plants, we are currently developing a new product line for your bakery needs. This is a new version called TR. This is designed for pure roasting and should, for example, supplement existing systems.

Compared to the TRK series, these new roasting systems are associated with much lower investment costs. That's why the new roasting systems are worthwhile alternatives for smaller bakeries or roasters (e.g. coffee roasters). In addition, our proven plants will be redesigned and will soon be available with increased capacity and new innovations.

14. April 2019
Teigmaschine Bearbeitung

TR 25

Roasting - Originally "roasting on the grill", it began once. In modern times, roasting means heating plant foods without adding liquid.
14. April 2019
Teigmaschine Bearbeitung

TR 50

Our TR 50 plant is based on the TR 25 version. As far as the capacities of our TR plants are concerned, we have oriented ourselves to the standard volume of bagged grain and seed products.
14. April 2019
Teigmaschine Bearbeitung

Roasting & cooking plant
TRK 150

After the beginner model TST 100 has aroused great interest in the production of dough, we now offer a comparable version in the area of roasting and cooking. In our TRK 150, we also attach great importance to an interesting price - performance ratio. For this reason, weighing cells and automated
1. April 2019

Roasting & cooking system
TRK 300

With this series, quality and design are setting new standards. The idea of roasting and cooking in a plant while preserving the full roasting aromas and the significant improvement of the fresh keeping using only natural ingredients can be implemented easily and efficiently.
31. March 2019

Roasting and cooking system
TRK 600

There are no limits to the imagination of the aroma cooking piece. Also in this regard, we are happy to make recipes available. As a rule, grains are added, they are immediately pre-swollen and need not be prepared separately.

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